Worksafe Bc Legal Services

As a renowned law firm in Burnaby and Surrey, GKS enjoys an excellent reputation in the legal community and a growing client list for the high quality of its representation. We see all angles. Unlike other management consultants or law firms, our group`s broad and diverse knowledge base spans the entire spectrum of employment law. Not only do we deal with unlawful dismissals and human rights issues for employers, but we are also the only group east of the Fraser River that also works in the areas of employment law, WorkSafeBC, health and safety, employment insurance and CPP, administrative law, disability insurance and shareholder disputes. There is no area of the workplace that we cannot help with. And we take care of all cases, big or small. We are versatile. Just as our knowledge is vast, so are our capabilities. We prefer to resolve disputes as early as possible through sound advice, guidance and planning.

In this regard, we are trusted advisors and competent negotiators. However, if the other side is not willing to settle the matter fairly, we put on our robes and go to court. We are experienced litigators at all levels of court and know the rules and regulations of each federal and state court in the workplace. If the court`s decision is not positive, we also have experience with judicial review. We are experienced. Recent changes in the legal industry are creating many new employment lawyers. We have been doing this for a long time and have over 65 years of experience between the four members of our team. We are local. We live in the communities we serve. We care about these communities and participate in them every day by participating in local events, chambers of commerce and pro bono activities. Living and working locally allows us to offer the quality of service of a downtown law firm at affordable prices. If you are unsure what is happening with your WCB claim in British Columbia, or if you are unsure what the WCB is doing with your case, you should be proactive and contact our WCB BC lawyers.

Unfortunately, we are often contacted by injured workers with WCB cases in British Columbia who have not challenged important decisions regarding their claim. We are bringing to these workers` attention that they unfortunately waited until it was too late to consult with our B.C. WCB lawyers. To protect your legal rights, be proactive and call our WCB BC lawyers today. We represent clients like you who need help navigating the complexities of the Workers` Compensation Act. Labour law and human rights are complex areas of law, and each legal team must have the appropriate skills and knowledge. Resolving disputes as early as possible through careful consideration, consultation, planning and even prevention is always our preferred approach. However, with over 65 years of employment law experience on our team at all levels of tribunals as well as provincial and federal courts, we can help you avoid or manage labour and human rights claims that arise in your organization. Free consultationTogether we assess your case and define your legal options to challenge the decision. We can tell you during the initial consultation if we can help you – and it only takes half an hour of your time. We have over 15 years of experience advising clients on WorkSafeBC (WCB) calls. Together, we can work towards the decision you deserve.

Our secure online services make it easy to communicate with our office. Workers can ask for help by launching a new investigation. and view information associated with your WAO file and send secure messages through our work portal. This is the perfect time to get professional advice and talk to a lawyer. We can help you understand your legal options and the process for appealing the decision. Our legal fees are reasonable and fair. Our goal is to maximize the value of your compensation. At KSW Rechtsanwälte, our Labour and Employment Group is committed to taking a thorough approach when it comes to advising employers on matters relating to employees, personnel law as well as disciplinary measures and dismissals if necessary. We take the time to understand your business and goals and answer your questions. Our goal is to find a solution that offers the best possible result with the least possible stress and at a reasonable cost. Here are some of the services we can offer: When you enter into a new employment relationship with a potential employee, the consideration you offer the person is work (employment), salary, benefits, etc.

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