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Dr. Galina Zukova, who is doubly qualified in Paris and Latvia, is a leading arbitrator with twenty years of legal experience. She has acted as arbitrator (chair, sole arbitrator, co-arbitrator and emergency arbitrator) in cases under the main institutional rules, including the ICC, LCIA, DISC, VIAC, CSC and the Milan Chamber of Arbitration. In addition, she regularly represents clients (individuals, businesses and government institutions) and is an expert in international arbitration. She is also a founding member of The Shed, a recently opened $475 million New York venue. “The program is experiential, which is what people crave these days,” she told Town & Country of the Hudson Yards multidisciplinary arts center. Working in the hangar, Zhukova told T&C, allows for a kind of flexibility not shared with the Metropolitan Museum of Art, on whose board Zhukova also sits. “Just as the hangar building is very maneuverable, the board experience is a little more agile,” she said. Dr. Zukova is a member of the ICC International Court of Arbitration, a member of the Board of Directors of the Finnish Arbitration Institute (FAI) and Vice-President of the Arbitration Council of the Georgian Centre for International Arbitration (GIAC). She is a board member of the ICC Institute of World Business Law and a member of the ICC Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution Commission. In 2022, Zukova was added to the European Commission`s list of candidates for appointment as arbitrators in EU trade and investment agreements with third countries.

She is also an associate professor at the University of Versailles Saint-Quentin (Paris-Saclay) and at the Riga Graduate School of Law. investment and real estate; Philanthropy (Garage Museum of Contemporary Art) PastML is a tool for reconstructing ancestral traits using phylogenetic trees. The reconstruction of ancestral scenarios is often used to study the evolution of characters along a phylogenetic tree, for example to deduce ancestral scenarios […] In my work, I develop new phylogenetic methods, tools and mathematical models to answer questions such as: Where was Sars-CoV-2 introduced in France? Are there other transmissions of drug-resistant HIV-1 in treatment-naïve people? What is the expected number of cases directly infected by an Ebola-positive person? How has improved hygiene affected the spread of cholera? We offer classical training in molecular phylogeny with theoretical courses on the three methods of phylogenetic tree construction: distance, parsimony and maximum likelihood. We will explain the general concepts […] Zhukova has dual Russian and American citizenship. [26] Dr. Zukova is fluent in English, French, Italian, Latvian, Russian and Spanish. She has a good knowledge of German. All this led to a black-tie dinner with an amazing team of big cultural and political names, perhaps more in the world`s largest country since the days of the tsars. In the museum`s sprawling new home, collectors such as Eli Broad and George Lucas mingled with artists Jeff Koons and Alex Israel, who arrived by private jet with his art dealer Almine Ruiz-Picasso and husband Bernard Ruiz-Picasso.

A dozen MoMA curators came from New York, as well as Thomas Campbell, then director of the Met. Merchant Gavin Brown hit ping-pong balls with longtime artist Rirkrit Tiravanija, while French billionaire Francois Pinault met with Larry Gagosian, who opened a pop-up exhibition in Moscow in 2008 so that oligarchs could buy art in their hometown instead of wandering around the world. This content may also be displayed on the website from which it originated. The objective of this course is to teach the theoretical and practical foundations necessary for the conduct of phylogenetic analyses. The theoretical sessions will be devoted to the basics of the field (representation and combinatorics of trees, models of evolution) and […] For the moment, even if the shows do not take place, the museum is open. And that may not be a bad thing. On Instagram, young Muscovites eat in the café, hang out in the library and take selfies with artwork. In a city where many young citizens resist the warmongering and xenophobia of their country`s eternal president, Garage could be one of the last places in town to discover unfiltered and uncensored contemporary art.

And she implicitly came into conflict with her ex-husband`s (and father`s) buddies when, on February 26, two days after the invasion, Garage posted a statement on Instagram in which she partially stated that she would “stop working on all exhibitions until the human and political tragedy unfolding in Ukraine has stopped.” In a general sense, Garage sees himself “as part of a larger world not divided by war,” but said in reference to the current war: “We hope for an immediate end to the conflict.” In 2006, Zhukova co-founded the fashion brand Kova & T. She currently serves on the boards of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and The Shed. [4] [6] [8] [9] [10] I use my algorithmic and mathematical skills to expand our knowledge of pathogen transmission and evolution. “Koons` mega-collector buyer, Aby Rosen,” you may recall, is also the owner of the building that didn`t rent 281 Park to Anna Sorokinawas in Durham, North Carolina, at Cameron Indoor Stadium with her son last Saturday to catch legendary Duke University basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski in his last home game against the Blue Devils. Tickets for Coach K`s swan song at home would have sold out on the five-figure resale market, but unfortunately, Duke lost to rival UNC. But don`t worry, the ACC tournament starts today and Duke is the only seed. [Editor`s note: Your True Colors correspondent is, it should be noted, a Duke alumnus.] And at the Gorky Park Art Center, it`s the artists who do the real damage. Despite the fact that Garage MCA stated that the programming was simply “postponed,” several internationally renowned names who have upcoming shows at the museum told me that the programming would actually be canceled – not postponed. Okay, story time is over. Such a gathering of cultural figures in Moscow is now really fiction anyway. In the weeks following Putin launched a war to conquer neighboring Ukraine, the world almost completely turned its back on Russia, banning pro-Putin figures from artistic spheres and withdrawing from all cultural events in Moscow. For most citizens of Western countries, it would be difficult to travel to Moscow, even if for some reason you wanted to.

No U.S. commercial airline can fly, and most U.S.-based airlines have canceled all partner flights. If you enter somehow, leaving could become a thornier problem. Evolutionary trees are used in many fields to discover gene function, study the outbreak of epidemics, and create inventories of biodiversity and its decline, among other things. Phylogenetic software for […]. She also noted that Le Garage had disabled comments on its original post. Molecular Evolution and Phylogenetics is a 4-part module of the Introduction to Bioinformatics Training 2021 (IBT) organized by the Pan-African Bioinformatics Network for Human Heredity and Health in Africa (H3ABioNet) consortium. It […] Is the new garage museum everything you`ve hoped for? We received a grant from Campus France (PHC Carlos J Finlay, 2019-20210) to work with the team of Dr.

Vivian Kourí Cardellá from the Instituto de Medicina Tropical Pedro Kourí (Havana) […] On October 11, 2019, Zhukova married Stavros Niarchos II, son of Philip Niarchos, in a civil ceremony in Paris, France. In March 2021, she gave birth to her third child and first with Niarchos, a son named Philip Stavros Niarchos.[24] [25]. Mathematical and computational concepts and models are essential components of new developments in evolutionary studies related to epidemics of infectious disease pandemics. The prediction, evaluation and control of potential outbreaks are key aspects of the […] The “Introduction to phylogenetics” was taught as part of a mathematical modeling course for biology for CentraleSupélec students.

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