Tips to Study Well for Teenagers

Tips to Study Well for Teenagers

Some tips by Imrona Wahyurini

English Teacher of SMPN 1 Ngantang



What things stop you from working? What can you do to study better?

 I stop working when anyone makes some noise, or somebody disturb my concentration by asking me chatting.  I have my feelings, upset of course, …I often study in a quiet room, have some breaks after 1 hour  plus go out to breath fresh air , move my body, and drink some water or eat cake or candy that I like, I always see my collection of orchids in the little  garden beside my house  that help eyes relax.


Hello everyone,
I have some useful advice which can help you study better.
1.  Buy a small clock and place it on the studying table.
2.  Say good bye to all social network sites and electronic devices, people remind themselves

     to visit sites for 5 mins, but in fact, 5mins equals 50 mins.( If you cannot fulfill this, you

     should stop here because my tip is not helpful for you ).
3.  Do not leave your room until you finish  the homework.
4.  Have a five-minute break after studying 30 mins, have a thirty-minute break after

     studying 2 hours, and remember not to use mobile devices while you are at  the rest. Do

     you know why? You will go on watching the program and using it and forget your work.

     You know that this media is addicted, right?
5.  Finish your homework carefully. Although the sky is falling down, do your homework

      carefully. You don’t have much time, this doesn’t mean you do assignments carelessly. If

      you can give a credible reason for handing your homework late, teacher will forgive and

      you submit your exercises later. Take not this tip !
6)  Do not  consider Sunday  is completely a holiday, I encourage you to get up early and

      study at least 2 hours. If you do want to hang out with your friends, finish homework

      before going out.  Do not go out before your homework is done.
So, I’ve give you some advice, I hope  this help but I’m not surprise if my advice doesn’t work for you. It’s up to you, do you have enough courage, determination, efforts to eliminate your bad habits or do you still hesitate to change?